The Beginnings of What…

Today, I write my very first blog of this nature. This is a frighteningly exciting time for me. I’ve thought about doing this before, but wondered, “What on earth would I write about, every day, every week, or even every month?” Sure, I’m a writer, but my thoughts are so diverse, and sometimes scattered, until I can hardly tolerate myself. Why should I bore someone else with them? Then just this last week, I was overcome with so much passion concerning the state of our country, the state of our world and what on earth might heal the many conditions presently plaguing us? What might heal the broken heart, when none seem to care that it’s broken? That’s when it dawned on me that it was time to start blogging. I’ve had friends urge me to do this; okay; wait no longer; here it is!

I have some very strong and definite opinions about what I see happening in our world today. I also believe that nothing happens without reason and that there is a specific purpose for life and our interaction with one another. Consequently, in an effort to maintain my sanity, I felt to share my thoughts in a constructive, perhaps even an instructive way. Because people all over the world may very well read my blog, perhaps they might be able to add to my insight; hence, blogging was the best answer, for now anyway.

Having said that, I believed that it was necessary to put some guidelines in place for myself, to avoid ranting or illogical reasoning; therefore, I’m listing my "In-depth" blogging goals for me, as well as, the reader.

This blog will look for ways to do the following:

v  Share my understanding of some ”key” biblical truths, relevant for these times  
v  Perform a ministry of healing for the bereaved, discouraged and disheartened
v  Offer comfort and hope to the distressed and those whose hearts are failing because of this world’s chaos
v  Share information on topics that may or may not be, relevant to my books, poetry, workshops or seminars
v  Act as a sounding board for my concern about world events, as they are revealed in Scripture
v  Whatever else that grants me the opportunity to serve humanity 

In the process of meeting these aforementioned goals, I shall seek to inform and reason with the reader, relative to the topic covered. Seeking to increase my following is of less concern to me than finding an audience who is open, honest, sincere and reasonable; any and all who fall into these categories, I gladly welcome!

All Scriptures are taken from the KJV – King James Version Bible, unless otherwise indicated

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