My Death Poem

#1- I am not in heaven, I am just asleep; and I urge you to  worship at Jesus’ feet. -  St. John 11:11-14

#2 - I am not praising God like many people think, as I said  before, I am just asleep. – Psalms 115:17

#3 - Let Jesus teach you all that you should know, about life   after death; let your knowledge grow. – II Peter 3:18

#4 - For when man was created God gave him breath – the breath of life – which is opposite of death. – Genesis 2:7

#5 - Therefore, when man dies, the breath goes back, into the hands of God and that is a Scriptural fact.– Eccles. 12:7

#6 - Moreover, all the thoughts perish and man is no more, and never ever will he return to his door. – Job 7:9-10

#7 - His sons come to honor and others to shame, but never again will he call out their name. – Job 14:21

#8 - Any love he possessed, any hatred he had; any fond  memories of you he had as a lad - - Eccles. 9:5-6

#9 -  Are all gone now, as he rests fast asleep, the angels mark his place and vigilance keep. – Matt. 13:38-39

#10 - *But one day soon, Jesus will come in the skies, awaking the saints and they will arise - I Thessalonians 4:16

#11 - To meet Him gladly up in the air, to leave death behind and go with Him where – I Thessalonians 4:17

#12 - There will be no more sickness, or sorrow, or pain, no more death, just life and eternal gain. – Rev. 21:1-5

#13 - This is the promise to those who receive; His offer of  salvation and the life of sin leave. – St. John 1:12

#14 - *But to those who refuse to accept his call, which turn their backs, refuse Him their all – Luke 21:26

#15 -  To them – never a hope of eternal bliss – but rather His favor and grace they will miss. – I John 5:12

#16 - So that when He comes in the clear blue skies, the saints will hear their sorrowful cries. – Rev. 6:15-17

#17 - Yes, their time for salvation will be no more, as the saved of God reach the heavenly shore. – Rev. 20:6;        Matt 25:46

#18 - *So today the call is extended to you, you have heard the   message, what will you do? – Rev. 22:17

#19 - God truly loves you, He sent Jesus for thee, and if you receive Him, you’ll live eternally. – St. John 3:16

#20 - Will you on purpose continue being deceived? Listening to Satan like our Mother Eve? – Gen. 3:4-5

#21- Or will you today earnestly seek, to worship the Savior – bow at His feet? – I John 5:3-5

#22- Will you leave behind your life of sin, knowing that with    Jesus, you are destined to win? – I John 5:11

#23 - He is here, now waiting, seeking for you – please let your answer be – “I do”.  St. John 1:12


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