Monday, September 10, 2018

Why Was The Holy Spirit Sent?

The Holy Spirit was sent to comfort and to transform the hearts of God’s followers.  Initially, it was to help the 12 chosen disciples to be comforted, courageous, bold, and successful in their witness for Christ and to seal their salvation. However, that has spread to all of Christ believers.

The precious Holy Spirit is the last link in our salvation. We are admonished not to grieve or frustrate the Holy Spirit, for it is He that will seal us for salvation or for destruction -  Ephesians 4:30.

Additionally, we are warned not to blaspheme the Holy Ghost, for if we do, we shall never be forgiven; and if we are not forgiven, we cannot be saved into God’s Kingdom - Mark 3:28-30.

Therefore, I have learned that the present position of the Holy Spirit is to be a teacher, to those who wish to learn and one who convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment - John 16:7-9.

I have learned to pay close attention to the Holy Spirit, when He seeks to convict me of anything. I know that is extremely important for me to be open, submissive and obedient to His requests and warnings.