Monday, July 23, 2018

The Nature of Man - 3

The Carnal Man-1

I Corinthians 3:1-4: “And I, brethren, could not speak to you as to spiritual people but as to carnal, as to babes in Christ. I fed you with milk and not with solid food; for until now you were not able to receive it, and even now you are still not able; for you are still carnal. For where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men? For when one says, “I am of Paul,” and another, “I am of Apollos;” are you not carnal?”

Here, Paul is talking to members of the church! Yes, inside of the Corinthian church were carnally minded members. You would think that carnally minded people were people who did not profess God; but unfortunately, there are many carnal Christians filling the pews every week.

Can you clearly see here that the conditions for the description concerning this group are their personal relationships with the Holy Spirit? In these verses, the apostle Paul mentions four times that they are “carnal”, in their thoughts! What does carnal mean again? It means: this person does not have a real relationship with God, but rather a pretentious one. This person may think he or she is living by the Holy Spirit, but not so.  He or she isn’t filled with the Holy Spirit or isn’t sufficiently filled with the Holy Spirit.

A person can be a member for a short time or for many years and still be a carnal Christian. If to your surprise you find that you are a carnal Christian at the moment, then don’t be upset about it, but rather be glad, because you have the possibility of changing it immediately. You will experience great joy through a life with the Holy Ghost.  I am convinced that most carnal Christians are unknowingly in this condition and have a desire to experience more in their faith.

Many carnal Christians feel dissatisfaction, disappointment, purposelessness or are under constant effort in their spiritual life. In many instances, they want to do differently, but can’t figure out that they need the help of the Holy Spirit.

Some carnal church members have gotten used to this condition or are satisfied with this condition. They might say: “We are just sinners! We can’t do anything about it! While other carnal Christians might be enthusiastic! They are glad that they know Biblical truth. Carnal church members can be very active and even have leading positions in the local church or even in the church administration. They may even do a lot for God.

We shall complete the “Carnal Man” next time.