Monday, June 25, 2018

Wedding Bells!

Today, my pastor’s daughter is scheduled to be wed. The location is outside, in the midst of one of the pastor’s fields. He has worked on it for months; clearing the land, removing all the brush and making sure that is level and beautiful, for his only daughter.

 My husband and I received our invitations the last part of March, I believe. We talked about it; got excited for it and obtained for her and her beloved a very, very nice gift. We were planning to go to what should be one of the gala events, within our Christian community.

Yesterday, the weather was absolutely beautiful! It was just slightly overcast enough, to keep back the harsh elements of the sun and cool enough to be comfortable. Then late last night it began to rain – no not just rain, but pour down buckets of water that resembled the stories of the antediluvian flood – the rain that fell in the days of Noah.

Again, this morning and throughout the day the rain has continued. Therefore, I texted the pastor’s wife and shared my regrets about not coming because of the weather. She commented that it was raining lightly there, but should clear up by ceremony time. What faith! I told her that I would join her in her prayer, but still was not going to come.

Later, after our exchange, the prophecy of the Lord’s wedding ceremony came to mind. It’s found in Revelation 19:5-9. Just before His wedding, there is supposed to be an outpouring of rain, which is symbolic of the latter rain – the outpouring of the Holy Spirit – who gives the saints on earth power to witness about the soon coming of Jesus and the wedding supper of the lamb, for the church is Christ’s bride – Ephesians 5:22-32.

The thought came to me: am I too faithless? Should I go to the wedding and take my chances at getting soaked, or maybe dry? Is this symbolic of my lack of faith, in the outpouring of the latter rain? Will I yet be admitted to the bridegroom’s prophetic wedding? Humm? These are good questions to ponder. However, I shall skip this physical wedding and pray to be included in the prophetic one, complete with the outpouring of the latter rain.  I invite you to prepare your heart for that time as well. It’s the wedding attendance that truly counts!

Wedding Feast: