Monday, May 28, 2018


“Conversation circles” often entail the discussion between the difference of “listening” and “hearing”.

“Hearing” merely means that you have the physical ability to perceive sound. Whereas, the act of “listening” entails the ability to perceive sound but to distinguish the differences, what is being transmitted by the sound and understanding its intent.

When you choose Christ, as your Savior, you must be willing to not just hear him, but to listen to His still small voice: to perceive the message being transmitted and to understand the intent.

Christ speaks to us in a variety of ways: predominantly the scriptures; however, He also uses nature, the voice of a loved one, the voice of a friend, a poem, a song or any of a number of ways. Recently, He spoke to me through a song.

As I worshipped this past weekend, the “special music” especially spoke to my heart. The message of the song encouraged the listeners to bow down before the Lord, when they prayed. In so doing, the listeners would be able to more clearly see and to hear the voice of the Lord, when in prayer.

Now, let me add quickly that you can pray, in any position you wish and God will hear your prayers, if you are sincere. However, the song immediately resonated with me and I realized the truth of the words; I do see the path of life more clearly and can hear the voice of God more expressly, when I kneel to pray.

Today, I encourage you to listen for the voice of God speaking to you. When you hear that voice, not only will it sound softly in your ears, it will prick your mind and thoughts; be sure that you follow through with whatever you hear.

Will you listen today for His voice?