Monday, April 23, 2018

What is the Significance of a Mark or Seal

Back in the 1990s, I was a real Bulls Basketball fan. I had only watched them a few times, before Michael Jordan came on board. However, once he donned that red and white uniform, with #23 on the back, I was as hooked as the rest of the fans.

Whenever the Bulls played in Chicago, their home turf, they wore red uniforms, with black lettering trimmed in white. When they went on road trips, they wore their white uniforms. I never ever got confused about the Bulls team. I knew the colors of their outfits and when they took to the floor, I knew that “Jordan was in the house.”

My point here is this: Just like players of the same team have the same kind of uniform, so that everyone knows who they represent, so the two major religious powers existent during the closing days of earth’s history will have their own mark, seal or sign; the purpose of which is to distinguish the differences, in those, who profess different Christian beliefs. Yes, each mark, seal or sign will indicate the two teams. The Seal of God indicates that you have chosen to serve Him; thereby you will be observing, the 7th-  day Sabbath.

Those who receive the Mark of the Beast are those who are honoring Sunday as the Sabbath;  those who are convinced that Sunday is the Sabbath; or those who just don't care about who is right or wrong.

Yes, each man’s uniform will be distinctive. I just pray that your distinction will be counted on the Lord’s side!

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