Monday, April 9, 2018

Mark of The Beast

We have heard different theories about what the “Mark of the Beast” might be, as referenced in the book of Revelation. Some have said that it will be a micro-chip placed in the hands of people; others that it has to do with cashless purchasing and imbedded information in one’s debit or credit card and there are still others.
However, it is none of the above. The “Mark of the Beast” is just the opposite of the “Seal of God”, which we covered in our March 19 and March 26, 2018 blogs.

The dragon and the beast desire to be worshipped; for it was the dragon who gave the beast his power, seat and great authority Revelation 13:4; that made the beast an emissary of the dragon, who is the devil Revelation 12:9. He tried to get Christ to worship him, when Christ was ending His 40 days of fasting in the wilderness, but Christ didn’t fall for it Matthew 4:8-10; and neither should you.

Jesus fought off the attacks of the devil with “It is written.” Jesus stood upon the Word of God, for proof of what was brought to him, by what seemed to be an angel of God. Consequently, if Christ, our example resorted to Scripture, in order not to be deceived, then how much more do we need to rely on a firm “Thus saith the Lord”, before we worship anything or anybody!

The bottom line is this; God gave us the law of Ten Commandments, which outlines the moral code for all Christians and is to be their standard of conduct. James 2:8-12 refers to the Ten Commandments as the “Royal Law” and goes on to say that it is by this law that we all are to be judged. Therefore, if we are going to be “judged” by this law, we had better seek to “observe and obey” this law.

In the midst of this law is God’s command to “Remember, the Sabbath day to keep it holy; six days shalt thou labor and do all of thy work, but the SEVENTH-DAY IS THE SABBATH OF THE LORD THY GOD…” Exodus 20:8. God said ‘remember’ because it had always been kept, before the children of Israel went into Egypt. While enslaved, they couldn’t keep it. Now, at Sinai, they were free again to keep it.

My friend, you are presently free now to keep it. The time is coming, when you will be forced to make a choice between keeping the Lord’s 7th day Sabbath and the Pope’s 1st day Sunday. Your decision, at that time will determine whether or not you will receive the “Mark of the Beast.” You do not presently have the “Mark”, because you are presently worshipping on Sunday. The “Mark” will be imposed upon you, when you choose Sunday over Saturday, as your day of worship; once your choice is made, there is no turning back.

Why not choose the Saturday Sabbath now and become accustomed to worshipping the Lord as He has ordained? Then the choice to choose will be less difficult, and you will be sealed with the Seal of God! “Choose ye this day whom you will serve…” Joshua 24:15.  “…Today if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts…” Hebrews 3:7-11.