Monday, February 5, 2018


When I was a young girl, I wanted to tag along after my older sister, Marie. She was smart and pretty and quite the entrepreneur. We lived in an unincorporated area, and there were lots of other children that lived there, as well. About a block from our house was a vacant field and it seemed that nearly every day, during summer, children would gather, to play softball.

I was too young and small to be chosen, but I liked to watch. My sister, being the insightful one wasn’t so interested in playing softball, as she was in capturing an opportunity to increase her investment. She had managed to acquire enough money to buy several packs of Kool Aide and some sugar. She then began to collect pop bottles from where ever she could find them and got me to help her wash them, because I suffered from the fear of losing out FOLO, on whatever adventure she had planned.

After scrubbing the bottles and caps, as many of those as we could find, she made the Kool Aide and then we filled the bottles with it. Next, she put a block of ice in the number 2 tub we used for bathing and sat the bottles all around the ice to cool. Lastly, she covered the entire thing with newspaper and towels, to keep the ice from melting too fast. Afterwards, she convinced my older brother, Parker, to set the tub on top of the wagon that we later pushed and pulled to the field.

Marie was smart enough to wait until the game was well underway, before we went anywhere. She wanted everyone to be hot and thirsty, when she got there. She was sharp; she had no FOLO! Unlike the few adults that came out to oversee the kids that day. They were the first in line to buy the 5 cent bottles of Kool Aide.

I have learned that just like people have FOLO they also suffer from being the first one to act, even on a good idea. Hesitancy can sometimes be worse than FOLO and rushing to be the first in line. We shall explore that concept next time.

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