Monday, September 3, 2018

What is Omnipresence?

Once Jesus came to earth and became the God-Man, He lost His omnipresence – meaning that although He was probably able to do that in His former state in heaven, He could no longer be everywhere at once, after He was encumbered with a human body. He said to His disciples that it was expedient or to their advantage that He go away John 14:16.


The advantage, to the disciples for Jesus to leave this earth was because the Holy Spirit would then come and take His place; and the joy of that is that the Holy Spirit can be every place at the same time! That is Omnipresence!

Therefore, when you are in the middle of a business deal that seems to be going sour and you call on God for help; the Holy Spirit will show up there.

At the same time, when your spouse is stuck on the freeway with a flat tire, the Holy Spirit is right there.

Your child is taking an exam, at the selfsame time that you are in a business deal, your spouse is stuck with a flat on the highway, and your child is in need of spiritual direction; the Holy Spirit is with your child as well.  He has the ability to minister to each of you at the same time, even though you are in different places confronted with different issues!

In all of my years of studying and learning about the work and abilities of the Holy Spirit, I have concluded that His Omnipresence is perhaps one of the greatest gifts that God has given to His people. 

Hallelujah and thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit.


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