Monday, June 11, 2018

Worth Forever!

Being lost, in hell’s fire is a horrible thing. No one wants to have to endure the agony, pain and shame – yes shame of hell’s fire; because if you’re lost, everyone that is saved will be aware of all of your dirt. They will have the opportunity of looking over God’s books that He keeps on every one of us.

No, being lost in hell’s fire is NOT the worst punishment that one can bear. The worst punishment is missing out on living with God eternally, forever!

God originally built us to live continually. Sin put a halt to that! Now living unceasingly, without the ability to die, with options far beyond anything the finite mind can conceive is conditional. The condition is that each individual must choose to accept Christ/Yashua the Messiah, as his or her own/individual savior – the one and only one who can take away your sins and justify you before God – or not.

Not making the right choice to live throughout eternity with our creator, maker and redeemer will cause an individual more mental torment than the burning, sulfuric flames of hell fire!

However, living sin free, in an atmosphere without fear, anger, hatred, violence of any kind, etc., only peace, joy, freedom and love is WORTH FOREVER!


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