Monday, January 22, 2018

The Skillet Lesson

When this blog first began, it started with sharing object lessons taught to me by God. Here is another one for you.

There is this three-sectioned frying pan that I enjoy using, from time to time, because it cuts down on dishwashing. Whenever food is warmed in it, there is a tendency for it to burn, in the center where the three parts join. This had occurred and I had filled the pan with water, to help its washing to be easier.

Now it’s time to wash dishes. I have a double sink, with a garbage disposal on one side. I filled the other side with dish water and had completed all of the other dishes, when I remembered the frying pan, filled with water. Under normal circumstances, I would have just poured the water, with its floating debris down the sink with the garbage disposal and let the disposal eat up the garbage. But alas, the disposal was not working and the other sink was still filled with good wash water. What to do?

Very carefully, I picked up the pan determined to walk it down the hall, to the bathroom. As, I picked up the pan and watched the water move toward its edge, I realized that I would have to move very slowly, in order to keep all of its contents contained.

As I moved very carefully, it was if I could hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking to me. “Virginia,” said the Spirit, “God is about to bless you abundantly and just like you are having to move very carefully, while transporting this full pan of water that it does not spill, so you will need to move, when the blessings begin to flow. The one thing that you’ll need to do is ‘keep your eyes on Jesus’ and you will meet with success.”

Thankfully, the mission of transporting that full pan of water was done without spilling one drop. Praise God for the object lesson and thank God for the successful out! Hallelujah!

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