Monday, January 29, 2018


Recently I read an article, which talked about the phenomenon of the rise of Bitcoins.  In the article, the writer quoted the famous billionaire, Warren Buffet, as saying that the reason so many people were investing in Bitcoins was because of the FOLO (fear of losing out).

Many times I have read stock advertisement that quotes how much one could have earned, IF he/she had purchased Amazon, Disney, or some other stock, when it was first taking off, in an effort to scare you into purchasing this new upcoming one. Many have fallen for it. Perhaps if I had had money to invest, I may have as well.

However, FOLO is not confined to purchasing the latest stock or bond; it can apply to nearly anything that you believe will make you an “outsider” of some kind. Peer pressure does not only curse the young and inexperienced; it is alive in the white hairs of maturity.

What I am learning about regarding this wonder, is that it cuts across the social, racial and economic strata of society. I shall address this more in detail in my next post. Until then, visit the following website and support the campaign:

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