Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanks for Giving

This past week, we celebrated the most popular holiday, in America. Thanksgiving is the most traveled the most visited and the most shopped. 

When I met my husband, I had been alone for a little over 15 years; he had been alone for nearly 20 years. Both of us had experienced poor relationships. Consequently, when the Lord allowed our paths to cross; we realized that it was a miracle that had taken place.  

Therefore, when we elected to unite our lives together, we decided to select a date near the Thanksgiving holiday, so that we might ever realize how good the Lord had been to each of us.

Consequently, this past Thanksgiving holiday we celebrated our ninth year of marriage. It was a dual celebration of life for us. When we sat down to eat our Thanksgiving feast, we did it with family and neighbors, truly grateful, for the occasion that had brought us all together.

However, I have learned that we need to be thankful every day; it is good for our physical and mental health. As a result, my husband and I have made it our business to bow in gratitude to God each morning and evening; so when the yearly celebration of our anniversary and the holiday arrive, it is merely an extension of our daily exercise.

God does not give us reasons to be thankful, only once a year; but he blesses us abundantly every day and that is when we should say “Thanks” for “giving” unto us.