Monday, October 30, 2017

A Thousand Words

If you were unable to access my ‘rap’ last week, I apologize. I’m posting the correct link below. Click this link, scroll to the end of the page and click on the Rap CD – Way To Go:

Now if you have listened to the words of the raps, on my website, imagine each line accompanied by a picture and you have an idea of what my coloring books look like. A picture is worth a thousand words, I once read. However, let me go a step further by saying that once you see that picture, if you are allowed to make that picture your own, by coloring it with the shades that you desire, and/or trace the lines that surround the picture, then the possibility of retaining the message associated with it, becomes even greater.

Therefore, I have learned and am seeking to teach young people that certain activities should not enter into their daily activities. I wish to help ingrain into young minds, alternatives to drug abuse by teaching them preventive methods. Using pictures that they can control, I believe will lay a subconscious aversion to drug use; direct them, when it comes to sharing with others sexual abuses within their household and other places; as well as, seeking positive alternatives activities for themselves.

Check them out and enjoy!