Monday, October 16, 2017

Therefore, I Write

When I was just a young girl, too young to attend school, an older sister of mine loved her English class and would come home each day and teach me what she had learned. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As the years rolled by, I too began to love my English class and seemed to excel.

By the time I reached the 8th grade, I could always be seen, with a pencil lodged above my ear (I picked-up this habit, by watching journalists, in the movies). “A ready writer” is what my dad would call me and I was.

In my 12th grade of school, my English instructor, Mr. White read a mystery story in class; he stopped just before the mystery was solved and as a writing assignment, we were to solve it. I was the only one that received an “A” for that assignment, out of 23 students. It lit an additional spark in me.

During some troublous times in my adult life, I began writing poetry, as a way to sort out my issues and to reach some positive conclusions. I read a few of them to friends and family and instantly became known as “the poet”.

Most of my young adult years were spent writing poetry and raising my family; later I entered college, to pursue my dream of learning how-to write. Since that time, I have written a plethora of short stories, poems, essays, books and children’s stories. In the next several blogs, I shall introduce you to some of them and give you the motivation for each. I trust that you will stay with me through the entire time; you just might receive some “freebies”.

I have learned that people spend nearly half of their waking hours, in pursuit of earning a living, many at vocations, which they hate. I’ve decided that in light of that truth, I should enjoy what it is that I do; therefore, I write.