Monday, October 2, 2017

Hellow Ginger's World

Guess what mom...

Romance Authors

I have organized an InstaFreebie Giveaway. I did it all by myself. There are 100 slots available, so far we have filled 36 of these slots. I will share the list of emails with all authors in this giveaway. Don't procrastinate, sign up today.

Take a moment and support theseThunderclap's it's two clicks away. 

Authors sign up here:  

Readers come back on November 1, 2017, to pick up your books. Then Fall into a pile of books.

Reader Page

I am looking forward to reading all of your books. I am also excited to share one of my books with you. 

Thank you for letting me use your blog. Remember to support my T-Clap when you can <3



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