Monday, September 25, 2017

Serious Times

I am an activist at heart; I am always pulling for the ‘underdog’, as a rule. As we look around the world today, especially in America, we can see quite a few ‘underdogs’, in the form of DACA, Black male police brutality and continued financial discrimination against women in the work place. However, today I do not advocate for equality or justice. Today, I am advocating for prayer and intercession.

In the last 30 days, the world has witnessed incredible ‘natural disasters’ in numerous places. We look at Bangladesh, its flooding and loss of life, for over 1,200 people. Then there was hurricane Harvey that left Houston and its residents, in the worst flooding disaster since hurricane Katrina.

In Mexico, there have been two major earthquakes in less than two weeks, with thousands of people trapped in buildings and continued aftershocks. Hurricane Irma has devastated Puerto Rico, nearly destroyed St. Croix, St. Marten and the Virgin Islands; along with vast damage to the eastern shores of the U.S. A.

In the western states of America, i.e. Montana, California, Washington and others, the fires are running amuck, leaving yet more devastation in the land. Truly the earth is groaning and crying out for relief, just like its millions of inhabitants, who have fallen victim to these calamities.

Therefore, today I intercede and advocate for those who have been directly affected by these destructions, by asking you to earnestly pray for all people, regardless of age, sex, gender bias, social status, etc. Pray for their deliverance, their patience, their attitudes, their courage and sanity. Pray that despite their circumstances that their faith will not fail; that their hope will remain alive and that each one will seek to help someone else and thereby, be the better for doing so.

Lastly, pray for the ‘first responders’, the volunteers and the political leaders, who are to advocate for their individual communities. Then, if you can, after you have prayed for all of the above, make a donation or become a volunteer. However, if you are unable to do either of the latter, then just pray! Earnest prayer will do far more than many of us can even think about doing.

Until next time; keep the faith; keep looking up and keep learning your little life lessons.