Monday, July 10, 2017

Proud to Be Proud

When you think of ‘pride’ from a Christian perspective, it is usually frowned upon by other Christians. Why? Because they all realize that it was pride that caused the fall of Lucifer, from heaven. We can read about that in Isaiah 14:12-20 CEB.

However, that is not the pride of which I speak. There is no one, to whom I  wish to compare myself; nor is there anyone whose place I wish to usurp. The pride to which I am referring is the pride of a grandmother, whose grandchild has reached a desirable position in life – he’s a licensed driver! If any of you share my position, you can readily identify with me.  

I distinctly remember how I experienced a similar pride, when his mother and both of her siblings reached this station and began to chauffer me around. It was thrilling! It was also frightening, unnerving and at times downright chilling, as they each would whiz along the highways, with no sense of trepidation whatsoever, at the hundreds of cars that shared their space.

Now, here I am, visiting with my youngest daughter, as my grandchild does the honor of driving both of us around. Now admittedly, he too, drives too fast, has little or no respect for “stop” signs and darts in and out of traffic. However, my heart still bubbles with pride, at his achievement; that is, when it comes down from my throat and resumes its place of normality, in my chest, once we have reached our destination.

I have learned that the more things change, the more they stay the same. He is only doing what his mother did before him and what her mother did before her. Wow! Payback can be intimidating – yet, I’m still humbly proud of him and proud to be proud.

Take care until next week.