Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Stay in This Lane

In keeping with the last post regarding the frontal lobe use – “Who’s The Boss?” Allow me to share a true story to illustrate ‘feelings’ opposed to ‘reason, intellect, judgment and will.’

Quite often I am asked to take different people to the airport, in another town, about 40 miles from where I live. I don’t particularly enjoy taking the expressway, because there is one section, about a mile long that supports about five or six different exchanges, which exit from both sides of the expressway and can be pretty confusing at times.

Well, after having gone that way many times, I figured out that there is one lane that runs the entire length of the expressway, which allows a driver, if he/she stays in that one particular lane, to take them the entire way pass all of the exchanges, directly to the airport.

One day, while accompanying a friend of mine to the airport, I decided to point out this fact to him. He was equally uncomfortable with this particular stretch (having gone the wrong way on two occasions when driving this route).

When I said to him, “If you stay in this lane, it will take you directly there”, I could sense that he was uncomfortable with the idea. The lane appeared to take you to first one and then another exit, but actually would pass by it.

Now, he had a choice; would he allow his feelings of anxiety, to get the better part of him? Or would he allow his reason and judgment, to keep him in this lane and prove my point? It was a hard five minutes for him, to be taken right past all of those “near exits” by exercising his frontal lobe, however, he suppressed those feelings from the rear lobe of his brain and made a successful trip there.

I am learning that if we will just take charge of our feelings for a short time and reign them into control, we will leave ourselves open to the exercise of the ‘will’ and will thereby be successful in each endeavor. Until next time, “stay in this lane” of reasoning and reach your goals.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Who's The Boss?

In the last several posts, we have covered the eight laws of health. Although I did not follow the order of the NEWSTART program (i.e. nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, fresh air, rest and trust in God), we did cover all eight of them.

Although many of you may already be acquainted with this information, in part; how many of them are you truly implementing?

In summary to the “Big Eight”, it is extremely important to allow the frontal lobe of your brain, which constitutes about one-third of the brain, to govern your choices. In this part of the brain is housed your reasoning, intellect, judgment and will.

In the back lobe is housed your feelings; too many people allow the back part of their brain to control their actions. However, feelings are not to be trusted; they will trick you repeatedly.

Therefore, allow the ‘will’ in your frontal lobe to be the boss, over the feelings in your back lobe. If you do, you will suppress all of the negative reasons designed to keep you from fulfilling the Big Eight and thus will enjoy a far healthier lifestyle.

I know that the struggle can be fierce sometime; I struggle with regular exercise, however, like today, if I just make up my mind to do it; trust in God to give me the strength and desire to get started, usually I will feel so much better afterwards, until I questioned why I hesitated.

We might talk about the frontal lobe more, at a later date. Please keep on looking and reading. Until next time – Bye!