Friday, June 9, 2017

The Need of Prayer

Please allow me to apologize to each of my loyal readers, for missing blog deadlines, as well as for some of the skimpy blogs; today will be another one.

Right after my “Times Series”, I had a medical procedure. Unfortunately, I believe that there are some unknown complications, which have negatively impacted certain of my cognitive abilities and as such, I have been struggling to keep my blogs fresh and timely.

I solicit your prayers and ask for your patience. It will be my determined effort this weekend to do the necessary research that will allow my blogs to be what you have expected them to be on a regular basis.

Thanks to several of my devoted readers, who have sent me private messages inquiring about my status, because they realized some changes relative to my posts.  Therefore, to them, I send a very special thank you and ask that you continue to keep me on my toes.

The next post should be on target; until then, each of you, please take care of yourself.

Monday, June 5, 2017

How Dry I Am

The next item on our list is “Water”. Next to air, water is the most important physical element, in our list of items to be discussed.

Follow the link, to learn some fascinating facts about water and its importance. There is much more that could be said, however, the information mentioned here is quite breathtaking.

Lastly, don’t forget to drink lemon water; it is one of the most alkalizing drinks one can consume.

Until next time, stay hydrated; summer is near.