Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Discovery

I’m a very fortunate woman. I have three beautiful daughters, all of whom are professional adults. One of them is a Registered Nurse at the Master’s Level. Although she is in the conventional medical field, she is fascinated with naturopathic medicine and will probably branch into that field of medicine very soon.

Because of her fascination, she has turned me on to a Naturopathic Doctor named Barbara O’Neil. You can find quite a few of her presentations on YouTube. However, before I go any further about this doctor, please watch this five minute video, which explains naturopathy. I think you’ll find it fascinating.

After you have watched this video by Alina, I will share more with you in the upcoming posts. Click the following link -

Chat with you again, soon. Bye

Monday, May 22, 2017

An Appreciation of Fresh Air

When I was around 11 years old, my family and I went to the 63rd Street beach in Chicago, located just off of Lake Shore Drive. There were hundreds of people there, or so it seemed to me. My mom and the other adults’ set-up our food in the grassy area reserved for picnicking. My two older sisters, twin brothers and a neighborhood friend elected to get into the water. It was my very first time swimming at the beach. I had often ridden past it in my aunt’s car, but I had never ever had the opportunity to go into the water.

From a distance the water appeared to be as blue as the sky, however, once I was in the water, it appeared grayer. Oh what a time I was anticipating. As I began to wade into the water, with its coming higher and higher upon me, I began hyperventilating. However, as I stood there, with the waves washing around me, my gitters and anxiety began to fade away. Soon I was splashing around, just like the other non-swimmers trying to have a good time, when suddenly it happened!

My sister was close by and I could see my brothers ducking in and out of the water; they knew how to swim, therefore, they had ventured further away from me. I had just gotten far enough into the water, so that my feet barely touched the sand, my courage was rising and my thoughts were to begin making stroking gestures like my brothers, when suddenly I felt two hands latch onto my ankles, then suddenly I felt myself being yanked beneath the water. It happened without warning; before I could scream for help, before I could anchor myself to anyone. Down, down, down I went, helplessly being carried away by a water monster!

I could see the little fish swimming by and the legs and feet of other children and adults thrashing about in the lake, but all of them were too far away to help me. I was gulping the dirty beach water, as I was dragged further and further from the surface. Then just as quickly as I was attacked, the hands released me and I fought my way to the surface, coughing and spitting, crying and shaken, and gasping for fresh air.

It was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. The playfulness of our friend and neighbor, Daniel had turned my world upside down. It gave me a new appreciation for fresh air; it revealed to me unseen challenges and dangers, while putting me on the alert regarding a world of information, of which others were aware, but of which I was utterly clueless.

It is my prayer that this “Times Series”, which has just ended, has had a similar effect on you. Hopefully, it has turned your world upside down; given you a new appreciation for truth,  like fresh air; made you aware of the many spiritual dangers that lie just beneath truth’s surface; and as such, has opened unto you a new world of information. If that is the case, then all of the research and hard work that I did putting it together was well worth the effort. Please keep reading…