Friday, May 5, 2017

The Coming Order of Things

I am not a terrific fan of Alex Jones. However, he has gathered in one report, a series of quotes, incidents, remarks and actions taken by Pope Frances that pulls together, the ultimate design for the Papal See. As you read this entire report, and I pray that you will, it should become more and more clear to you how this is shaping up in the religio/political world.

In the next blog, I shall expound upon this some more, how the Scriptures describe this activity and how it spiritually becomes a ‘life and death’ matter.

Pope seeks a New World Order -


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sheep's Clothing

As part of the enticement to get people to endorse Sunday observance in Europe, the European Sunday Alliance was formed. Please click the link to receive one of the best descriptions regarding this alliance that I could offer.

EU calls for Sunday rest -


Monday, May 1, 2017


In this post and the next two, I shall seek to wrap up the information stated, for #3 of the 4 statements made relative to the “Times Series”. In case you are just beginning to read my blog, following is the #3 statement I made, which I have sought to explain, a little at a time.

#3 - “Also, I am under solemn obligation to tell others that there is a power that has arisen and is continuing to excel, who will soon demand worship from every person under heaven. For one to worship this particular power is to totally rebel against God’s commandments. It truly is a life and death matter.”

I have explained why I am under obligation to share; I have explained who the ‘arising power’ is and how it continued rising; I have explained how this power has demanded and has received worship – via declaring himself to be the “Vicar of Christ” (God) and Sunday worship – where the biblical Sabbath was laid aside and nearly the entire Christian world now worships on Sunday, instead of the Saturday, Sabbath. Now, I shall show you briefly, in this post, how this power is seeking to get every person under heaven to worship him, by getting every person to subscribe to Sunday worship, under the guise of ‘family rest day’ and ‘hatred for capitalism’

Pope calls for Sunday sacredness -
As you read this particular article, the Pope acknowledges that God rested on the ‘seventh day’, but goes on to promote the concept that Sunday is the day to enjoy family, friends and oh, don’t forget Mass. Gathering around the Eucharist make the mass and family unity special.

Don’t be fooled! It is a ploy to draw ‘all people’ to the Sunday worship concept. Be sure to meet me back here on Wednesday.