Friday, March 24, 2017

He Has Risen #1

I trust you enjoyed your Revelation reading assignment of chapters 21 and 22. Now let us continue to the next phase of study.

Our study will continue in the book of Revelation, however, I want to start us off in the Book of Daniel. They are really “sister books of prophecy”. Therefore, if you are ever stuck, regarding your understanding, with either of these books, go to the opposite book and see if you can’t find an answer or at least some clues there.

In a former post, sometime ago, I referenced Revelation 13:1-2. When we read this text of scripture, we see a great deal of history, political activity, along with present and future movements. This text of scripture is power packed, with a plethora of topics that spin off of each other. You will have to do some investigating on your own here, in order to gain a fuller understanding; because for me to totally explain all of this to you, from the historical perspective called for, would necessitate my writing a book, within my blog.

Therefore, I shall make seven factual statements and if you’ll take the time to look up the biblical references and compare them with the historical facts, you will find them to be quite accurate. I’m listing the first two today.

Also, I encourage you to read the two chapters, hyperlinked below, in the book of Daniel. These are background chapters to understanding the Revelation 13:1-2 text.  Pay close attention to what I’m saying about these two chapters. Take notes, if you must, but they are key points with which to familiarize yourself.

1.     In the book of Daniel, an Old Testament book, chapters 2 and 7 pertain to four major world empires. In chapter 2, these empires were assigned metallic value - Babylon (gold), Medo-Persia (Silver), Greece (Bronze) and Rome (Iron); this last kingdom would divide into 10 kingdoms. This is important to remember.

2.   In chapter 7, they are assigned beastlike characteristics to describe each power: Babylon (Lion), Medo-Persia (Bear), Greece (Leopard) and Rome (terrible beast) – it has iron teeth and bronze claws. Beasts in prophecy symbolize kingdoms.

That’s pretty interesting stuff, isn’t it? Well, if you enjoyed that, just wait until the next post. Until then – Bye

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Words of Comfort

In this post, we shall discuss the “power” that has arisen. This topic centers on a bible prophecy found in the book of Revelation 13:1-2. We referenced this prophecy, a few posts back, when we wrote about “Fabricated Training” and “Full Fabrication”. However, I shall seek to make it a little clearer.

The book of Revelation is a book of symbolism and prophecy. Very little of it is to be taken literally, although there are some chapters, such as chapters 21 and 22 that can be. These chapters come after the bulk of all earthly prophecies have been fulfilled and John, the Revelator, describes the changes that will take place in the earth and on into heaven itself. Otherwise, we need to look at this book through the eyes of symbolism.

I remember a time, in my life, when reading just these two chapters in Revelation, turned around my entire life. I was young, pregnant and my husband unemployed. We literally, did not know where our next meal would come from that day. I went into the bathroom, so that I could pray and cry alone. My husband, frustrated and pressured, left to find something for me to eat. After crying out to God, with all that was within me and claiming His promises of provisions, I opened my Bible to read. It opened up on chapter 21.

As I began to read, my tears began to dry up. The more that I read, the more content I became. Soon all of my tears were gone; my heart was light and there was an assurance that things would work themselves out.

Shortly after finishing the last of the two chapters, there was a knock on my door. Upon opening it, I discovered a shopping cart, filled with food and pushing it was my wonderful mother. I had not contacted her, nor had I shared with her our plight. However, the God that I serve had moved her to come and see about her child. I shall never forget the impact of those chapters on my life.

I shall end this post with a simple but delightful assignment for you. Please read these two chapters in their fullness. I guarantee that you, too, will be delighted; and I will catch—up with you in my next post.

Bye, for now

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Powers That Be

We have reached the halfway point in our “Times Series”. In this post, we shall cover the third statement of the four that I made at the very beginning of the series. This is the statement: “…I am under solemn obligation to tell others that there is a power that has arisen and is continuing to excel, who will soon demand worship from every person under heaven. For one to worship this particular power is to totally rebel against God’s commandments. It truly is a life and death matter.”

Wow! Did I really write that? I’m afraid that I did. That is a powerful statement and it is going to take at least five or six posts to cover it all. Having said that, I trust that you will determine now, to read all of the posts associated with this third statement; to do any less will leave you befuddled and confused. Therefore, let me get to work.

As always, I find it so much easier to break down each part of the statement. It becomes easier for me to explain, and hopefully for you, easier for you to understand. So, let me list my bullet points.

1.     I am under solemn obligation to tell others…
2.     There is a power that has arisen…
3.     It is continuing to excel…
4.     This power will soon demand worship from every person under heaven…
5.     To worship this power is to totally rebel against God’s commandments.
6.     This is a life and death matter

Let us cover bullet point #1. Why am I under solemn obligation to tell others? The simplest answer to that question is, because I am a Christian. However, you might ask yourself, “What difference does that make?” Or, “I know other Christians that have never said anything to me about this information;” or you might be saying, “I am a Christian and I don’t know anything about what you are saying.”

Well, in response to these thoughts, (I will elaborate on my sense of obligation later), there are many Christians that know absolutely nothing about this information, which is another reason why I feel obligated to share.

Let us look at a scripture in Ezekiel 33:1-9; please read this link carefully. However, I shall expound on how I believe this relates to me.

This Scripture in Ezekiel outlines the principles associated with Christian witnessing, and it puts, those of us who know and understand prophecy, under solemn obligation to inform those who might be clueless, just like the people in the prophecy. Also,  Jesus/Yashua said in Matthew 5:13-16:

“You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its saltiness, how will it become salty again? It’s good for nothing except to be thrown away and trampled under people’s feet. You are the light of the world. A city on top of a hill can’t be hidden.  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they put it on top of a lamp stand, and it shines on all who are in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before people, so they can see the good things you do and praise your Father who is in heaven.” (Common English Bible Translation)

As a Christian, I am salt; I am light; I am a watchman on Zion’s wall, to warn the innocent and unknowing, about those things that could be potentially harmful to them and I love my job! I want to be the best witness that God has; I want to be found faithfully doing those things that He requires of me.

Additionally, I have the awesome privilege of sharing the most wonderful news in the world; the good news of the gospel. The gospel of a tender creator God, who loves us all so much that instead of allowing the rebellion of Adam and Eve to keep their entire offspring out of heaven, Jesus/Yashua, gave His life in exchange for theirs. Oh, the joy of sharing that good news with any who are willing to hear is absolutely awe-inspiring! PTL!