Friday, January 13, 2017

Earning The Right

There have been several bygone persons, who have “earned the right” to enter our history books; there are several, who have “earned the right” to be quoted as an authority, when documenting a thesis; there are a growing number who have “earned the right” to have their face put on a U.S. postal stamp; but there are only two Americans who have “earned the right” to be celebrated as a “national hero”, and as such have had special days set aside in their honor, ( i.e. holidays): President George Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is no easy task, to have a Federal holiday named in your honor, as you can see, with the decades spanning these two persons. And although the first bill for granting the right to do so, on behalf of Dr. King was proposed only four days after his death, in 1968, by Congressman John Conyers, from Michigan. It took 15 years for it to be signed into law; by a reluctant disinterested president, who thought that he might pick up some votes from the Black community. It was then three more years before it was finally celebrated, in 1986.

However, despite the countless marches and speeches made by Dr. King; his numerous stints in jail for peaceful protests; his incalculable inconveniences separated from his wife and family; his Nobel Peace Prize; his earnest fight for ALL AMERICANS, not just for Black America, yet he has still not “earned the right”, in the eyes of many White Americans, to esteem his legacy and to honor the “National Holiday” named in his honor.

What must an African American/Black person accomplish, in order to “earn the right” for simple dignity and respect from his/her fellowman? And although Dr. King did not make the multitude of sacrifices that he did to curry favor or respect, he darned well, “earned the right” to receive it!

Therefore to those, who so blatantly dishonor that legacy, by disrespecting his holiday by keeping children in school, keeping workers on the job, keeping open businesses that would otherwise close, I say, “Shame on you for setting such a disrespectful example to the rest of the world; and for saying to Black America – ‘YOU DON’T MATTER!”

My heart aches for your ignorance, bigotry and stubbornness. Hopefully, one day you will see that Dr. King was not just promoting the equality that each citizen deserves, but he was also advocating peace, on YOUR behalf; for had he not stuck solidly by his standards of ‘peaceful demonstration’, there would have been more bloodshed among White America, than any of us can imagine.

Therefore, I urge you to first, do some soul searching; then do the right thing on Monday, and attend a parade in his honor, or work with some outreach program in his memory; but by all means, show a little RESPECT! It will make you a better person.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Several years ago, when my husband and I were dating, we belonged to a “Cell group”. In this group, which consisted of approximately 8-10 people, depending on who showed up, we took the time to get to know each other more intimately. We took a vow of loyalty to each other, to be supportive in a variety of ways.

Some of these vows included making oneself available during emotionally challenging times; to be spiritually supportive when one felt him or herself drifting from the narrow way; to even be financially helpful, if that was what was called for.

We planned meals together, studied scripture together and made it our business to visit each other in our individual homes. It was an awesome time and a great group. We truly bonded with each other.

However, among the things that we learned in that small group was to put forth the effort to keep our intimate friends at or below 12 contacts. The idea was that, any more close contacts than that would unnecessarily stress the participant and would cause every other friend to suffer in their relationship, with the participant.

Tonight, as I was venting to my husband about feeling soooo tired, because it seemed that every time I looked around, there was someone whom I felt I needed to reach out to, or assist in some way. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. However, sometimes when several days or even weeks have gone by and I have not followed up on someone, whom I believed might need a word of encouragement, prayer or just a home baked loaf of bread, I tended to fret with my failure to “be there”.

Well, tonight I was in one of those fretting moods, and actually began to complain to my husband about being tired (physically, psychologically, and even spiritually in some ways.) He just smiled and reminded me of the cell group to which we used to belong, while we were courting. It seems to have been so long ago that I had forgotten.

Lovingly, he reminded me of all those things I outlined at the beginning of this blog. Then he added, “Honey, you have exceeded your limit a long time ago; how many hundred do you have?” He teased. Then he added, “And you keep adding other people to your circle. I guess you are tired. Perhaps you need to figure out how to make some adjustments.” Then he kissed me on my forehead and returned to what he was doing.

In deep thought, I turned away and headed back to the computer, at which I had been seated for the last 5-6 hours, working on another book.

“Hum”, I thought to myself, as I pulled up a “new document”, to begin my blog; “he has given me an excellent topic for tomorrow. I wonder how many people are suffering from this same type of emotional overload, which sometimes physically drains you? Perhaps I can help them to feel less guilty, about trying “to be all things to all people”, and just concentrate on those who are truly closest to you.”

That was some good advice my sweetie gave me. I really could take some time and show him a little more attention, too. Well, I guess I got my chance.

If you’re guilty as well, let this be a reminder to you, too. Perhaps you need to cut down on your expansion and stay within the guidelines for good relationships.  LOL


Monday, January 9, 2017

Presumptive Resolutions

Why is it that each year, people feel the need to write resolutions? Year after year, they lie to themselves by saying, “This year, I’m going to exercise more; this year, I’m going to stop____________(you fill in the blank). This year things are going to be different.”

Lies, lies, and more lies. I watch people get caught up in the madness of resolution making, as though some magical genii were hiding in a bottle beneath their dusty gym bag, and as soon as they would rub the bottle, out would pop the genii and grant them all the ability they need to pursue their goals.

And the funniest or saddest part about their resolution making is that somewhere, in the back of their minds, they really believe that just by saying it out loud, or even by writing it down, it will come to pass.  Self-deception, this is strictly self-deception.

Psychologists tell us that it takes the monotony of completing an individual task 28 times before it becomes a habit, and the probability of tasking oneself to a stringent, monotonous, and unattractive habit, at the first of the year, by sheer force of will is really ludicrous. It is not in the will or power of man to “turn on a dime”, especially following a time of feasting and relaxing.

In light of all the holiday revelry, one is more inclined to continue in the pleasant, easy going lifestyle, associated with the holidays, rather than to begin any kind of program that requires strict discipleship.  We need to stop doing this to ourselves.

I have found out that so many of the people I know that have this “insane” ( I mean that lovingly) idea of making such a dramatic switch at the turn of the year, also have the same idea that they can live however they wish to live on a regular basis; have no real interest in spiritual matters and believe that when things start going crazy in the world; when prophecies are being fulfilled that indicate the soon coming of Christ, they can make the needed switch from living one way, do an “about face” and live righteously for Christ.

Again, it is self-deception and they are going to find out too late that in order to develop the desire to live righteously, like Christ, is a day by day struggle, similar to being faithful in one’s physical workouts every day. It takes a slow, methodical, discipline to build up one’s muscles, as well as, to develop the “habit” of working out on a schedule.

It would be foolish for one to believe that he/she could enter a marathon race, without proper yearlong training, and expect to complete the race; let alone win it. The same hold true for beginning year resolutions.

I’ve made no resolutions for many years now, for I have realized the insanity associated with doing it and the feelings of guilt, shame and despondency that accompany the failure to carry out said resolutions.

I’ve also realized that I must maintain a regular connection with Christ, if I am to hear the words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” Matthew 25:21

I pray that all who read today’s blog will hear the same call, as well.

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