Monday, November 6, 2017

Make It Plain!

Recently I embarked upon, once again, the study of the book of Revelations, the last book in the Christian bible.

Most people shy away from reading this book for various reasons; some of these reasons are:
·       They have been told that it is a ‘closed’ book and no one can understand it. However, the very name implies that it is just the opposite – – to reveal.

·       Some fear the different imagery found in the book of beasts, dragons, frogs, etc. However, if these are understood, in the prophetic symbolism, there is no need to fear.

·       Still others feel that there is too much symbolism, which they just can’t understand! But again, since the bible explains itself, telling the reader what each symbol represents, then it can be easily understood.

I could go on and perhaps you have your own reasons. However, it dawned upon me, a few weeks ago, the true reason so many people do not understand the book of Revelation, which is the book every person on earth, should be reading and studying, because it has the last warning messages to God’s people, in this day and age.

The reason many people do not understand Revelation is because they do not understand the sanctuary service, as described in the Old Testament. In Revelation 1:10-11, we see a description of Jesus (who by the way is the center of the book), standing in the midst of the seven candlesticks – that is sanctuary language! Hence if you do not understand the workings of the sanctuary, you will not be able to understand the book of Revelation, because a great deal of Revelation refers to different parts of the sanctuary.

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