Monday, August 7, 2017

Will We Ever Learn?

Flawed, frail, fractional, insignificant – feelings that plague many of us, who have realized that WE ARE NOT “all of that and a bag of chips”; sometimes, some of us look upon others, whom we believe to be less sophisticated, less cultured, less informed – just less – and in turn sit in judgment of them.

It is true that sometimes people don’t always make the “best calls”, they don’t always “say the right things” given a particular set of circumstances, but does that give any of us the “right” to look upon them disparagingly?  

Who has set any of us in a place, whereby we believe that “only if it is done, ‘my’ way” is it the “right way”? Too often criticisms slip from our lips regarding others, who only mean us well. The ‘criminalized’ individual has often made great sacrifices to aid or assist an individual, only for that selfsame individual to ‘look down’ their proverbial noses at the other person. It can be gut-wrenching, heartbreaking and extremely difficult for the recipient to receive or for others to watch.

Even if the recipient has made blunders, spoken out of turn, or made some really poor decision, before condemning, speaking negatively or disparaging of the individual, the “judger” should look at the other’s heart and ask themselves, whether there was any ill-intent toward him or her, before levying any kind of condemnation or judgment.

So many of us are guilty of this; I know that I am; so let’s own it! Then after we own it, let each of us repent of our own frail and flawed characters and start over again. In our starting over again, let us give the next person the benefit of the doubt and pray for improvement on all accounts.

I have learned that there is so much hurt and pain in the world. I personally carry a great deal of emotional pain – pain that will go with me to my grave.  Sometimes it feels overwhelming; at these times I find myself reaching out to God for comfort, direction and courage to keep moving forward. Thankfully, God has always been gracious and given me strength for the day. Little by little, I am learning to “lighten up” on others, because, God knows that I need others to “lighten up” on me. Once we learn this vital lesson, all relationships will be greatly improved. Hallelujah!

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