Monday, July 17, 2017

Change His Name!

One of my favorite stories in scripture is found in I Samuel 3:1-10.  It is the story of the young boy, Samuel.

Samuel was the only child of a woman named Hannah. She had been barren for a very long time. She earnestly prayed and fasted begging God to please give her a male child; if God would do that for her, she promised to return him to the service of God, for as long as he lived.

God was gracious to Hannah and gave her a son. She named him Samuel, which means “Asked of the Lord.” Now Samuel was serving in the temple of the Lord helping the High Priest and his sons, who were very wicked.

When you read the story, you’ll find that Samuel was a very obedient child. Whenever the High Priest, Eli called him, Samuel would immediately run to his side, to find out what Eli wanted of him.

I have been very impressed with my youngest daughter’s only child, Ticklish (not his real name). Because we live so far from each other, I don’t get the opportunity to interact with him, like most grandmothers. It is sad but true. However, since I have been here with them on an extended visit, I have been amazed at just how obedient this young man really is; I’m ready to change his name.

In order to really appreciate this, you must understand that my daughter and her husband divorced, when Ticklish was around two or three. She has remained single and virtually raised him alone. He is now 17! Yes, 17 and he actually listens to his mother and comes when he is called.

In this day and age that is absolutely remarkable, which is why it has made my blog! I am so very proud of him, again! I am also proud of the wonderful job his mother has done, through the help of God; because she will be the first one to say that, “If it had not been for the grace of God…”, he would be like so many others that I don’t have to describe.

Consequently, the blessing of heritage has continued once again and all that I am doing is praising God! I’ve learned to do that quite a bit.

Take care; please read the story about Samuel and I’ll chat with you again, next Monday; until then, let’s keep on praising, praising Him, who alone is worthy to be praised.

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