Friday, April 7, 2017

Continued Rise #3

By now, it should be fairly evident that the power to whom I am referring is none other than the Papal See. Over the last hundreds of years, it has ruled nations, destroyed kingdoms and caused kings to bow before its power, in humble submission. It will happen again, in the not too distant future.

·       Through its teachings, it has claimed the power to forgive sins;
·       Through its political and religious sanctions claimed authority over kingdoms and potentates and
·       It even equates the Pope with God Almighty.
·       Blasphemies!

Just recently, this power met with the heads of the European Union advising them how to solve their problems, since Brexit. Yes, 28 heads of government were set to meet with this religious power, for leadership and divine guidance. - March 1,

I mean no disrespect to any; I am just a beacon light set upon a hill, to give warning to those who pass by; a watchman on the gates of Zion to let those inside know that danger is approaching, get ready. If I fail to salt my path with truth, then I will lose my ability to flavor the lives of those I serve. It is my prayer that you will continue to read and to study and that you will not be deceived when the last net of deception is cast upon the world.

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