Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Words of Comfort

In this post, we shall discuss the “power” that has arisen. This topic centers on a bible prophecy found in the book of Revelation 13:1-2. We referenced this prophecy, a few posts back, when we wrote about “Fabricated Training” and “Full Fabrication”. However, I shall seek to make it a little clearer.

The book of Revelation is a book of symbolism and prophecy. Very little of it is to be taken literally, although there are some chapters, such as chapters 21 and 22 that can be. These chapters come after the bulk of all earthly prophecies have been fulfilled and John, the Revelator, describes the changes that will take place in the earth and on into heaven itself. Otherwise, we need to look at this book through the eyes of symbolism.

I remember a time, in my life, when reading just these two chapters in Revelation, turned around my entire life. I was young, pregnant and my husband unemployed. We literally, did not know where our next meal would come from that day. I went into the bathroom, so that I could pray and cry alone. My husband, frustrated and pressured, left to find something for me to eat. After crying out to God, with all that was within me and claiming His promises of provisions, I opened my Bible to read. It opened up on chapter 21.

As I began to read, my tears began to dry up. The more that I read, the more content I became. Soon all of my tears were gone; my heart was light and there was an assurance that things would work themselves out.

Shortly after finishing the last of the two chapters, there was a knock on my door. Upon opening it, I discovered a shopping cart, filled with food and pushing it was my wonderful mother. I had not contacted her, nor had I shared with her our plight. However, the God that I serve had moved her to come and see about her child. I shall never forget the impact of those chapters on my life.

I shall end this post with a simple but delightful assignment for you. Please read these two chapters in their fullness. I guarantee that you, too, will be delighted; and I will catch—up with you in my next post.

Bye, for now

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