Friday, March 24, 2017

He Has Risen #1

I trust you enjoyed your Revelation reading assignment of chapters 21 and 22. Now let us continue to the next phase of study.

Our study will continue in the book of Revelation, however, I want to start us off in the Book of Daniel. They are really “sister books of prophecy”. Therefore, if you are ever stuck, regarding your understanding, with either of these books, go to the opposite book and see if you can’t find an answer or at least some clues there.

In a former post, sometime ago, I referenced Revelation 13:1-2. When we read this text of scripture, we see a great deal of history, political activity, along with present and future movements. This text of scripture is power packed, with a plethora of topics that spin off of each other. You will have to do some investigating on your own here, in order to gain a fuller understanding; because for me to totally explain all of this to you, from the historical perspective called for, would necessitate my writing a book, within my blog.

Therefore, I shall make seven factual statements and if you’ll take the time to look up the biblical references and compare them with the historical facts, you will find them to be quite accurate. I’m listing the first two today.

Also, I encourage you to read the two chapters, hyperlinked below, in the book of Daniel. These are background chapters to understanding the Revelation 13:1-2 text.  Pay close attention to what I’m saying about these two chapters. Take notes, if you must, but they are key points with which to familiarize yourself.

1.     In the book of Daniel, an Old Testament book, chapters 2 and 7 pertain to four major world empires. In chapter 2, these empires were assigned metallic value - Babylon (gold), Medo-Persia (Silver), Greece (Bronze) and Rome (Iron); this last kingdom would divide into 10 kingdoms. This is important to remember.

2.   In chapter 7, they are assigned beastlike characteristics to describe each power: Babylon (Lion), Medo-Persia (Bear), Greece (Leopard) and Rome (terrible beast) – it has iron teeth and bronze claws. Beasts in prophecy symbolize kingdoms.

That’s pretty interesting stuff, isn’t it? Well, if you enjoyed that, just wait until the next post. Until then – Bye

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