Monday, March 27, 2017

He Has Arisen #2

We are continuing our study, which had its basis in Daniel 2 and 7, in the last post. If you’ll recall, they were two examples of the same prophecy – the four world kingdoms and their order of succession. In chapter 2 of Daniel, the kingdoms were assigned metallic equivalents to show their financial worth and in chapter 7, they were assigned beastly characteristics to help us identify them elsewhere (i.e. prophecy and history).

Now let us examine the next three factual statements that I promised to make.

1.     In the book of Daniel 7, you find that the last beast that was terrible had ten horns, which were interpreted by the angel, as being ten kings. Then from among those ten horns came up another little horn that had the eyes and mouth of a man and spoke blasphemous words against the God of heaven.

2.     After this little horn came up, three of the other horns or kingdoms were taken away. This little horn also fought against the “saints/godly believers” and subdued them for a while. Also, he would “think” or “attempt” to change “times and laws”. These “times” deal with how time is reckoned or accepted (i.e. sunset to sunset or midnight to midnight for a day). The laws have to do with how one views or understands God’s 10 Commandments. He could only “think or attempt” to change what God has done, because NO ONE can actually do it. However, he could cause humans to view it differently from how God ordained it from the beginning. The current canons of the Roman Catholic Church (Canon 202 §1) define a day as beginning at midnight[6] ( - reference)

3.     The three kings or kingdoms that were uprooted, after the little horn arose were the kingdoms of the Heruli, Ostrogoth and the Vandals.

If you would care to do so, I would encourage you to investigate these three kingdoms, to see what you uncover. I’m sure that you’ll find it fascinating, as did I.

Alright, until next time; we will look at the last two of these insightful statements; bye.

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