Monday, March 13, 2017

Full Fabrication

We continue from our former post, where we learned that Constantine the Great was initially responsible for introducing a fabricated truth into Christianity on March 3, 321 AD, after he had joined the Christian church. However, the church should have fought against that concept; but because the church received power and status from Constantine, once he moved from Rome and founded Constantinople– Revelation 13:1-2 – they held on to the fabrication. They held on, so much so that the one congregation, affiliated with Constantine, became influential in getting other congregations around the “then known world”, to accept the fabrication that was being presented.

Let us look at this fabrication, a little more closely:

Early Christians observed the seventh day [Saturday] with prayer and rest, but they also gathered on the first day [By command of Constantine and his church congregation]. By the 4th century, Christians were officially observing the first day, Sunday, as their day of rest, not the seventh.

The Hebrew Sabbath, the seventh day of the week, is often spoken of loosely as "Saturday". In the Hebrew calendar, however, the new day begins at sunset, not midnight. The Sabbath therefore coincides with what the Gregorian calendar identifies as Friday sunset to Saturday sunset [The same way that it is referred to throughout Genesis 1: verses 5, 8, 13, 19, 23, & 31, when God was creating the earth and everything in it]. Similarly, the first day of the week ("Sunday") coincides with Saturday sunset to Sunday sunset. The Sabbath remained on the seventh day in the early Christian church. [Note 1] To this day, the Sabbath continues to coincide with the Hebrew Sabbath timing in the church calendars in Eastern Orthodoxy and Oriental Orthodoxy.[5]

The current canons of the Roman Catholic Church (Canon 202 §1) define a day as beginning at midnight.[6] ( - reference)

Unfortunately, the entire world, with the exception of a few Bible-believing Christians, attend church on Sunday, as their primary day of worship, and mistakenly call it the “Sabbath Day of Rest”, when there is no rest taken. Sunday to most people is just another day to do whatever you desire and go wherever you wish. It is not a true “Holy Convocation” – Leviticus 23:3 – to the Lord, as outlined in the Holy Bible: a day solely dedicated to the worship and activities of God.

In closing, we are admonished, in this scripture – Isaiah 58:13-14 – to turn away from doing our own pleasures and call the Sabbath day, a delight and holy unto the Lord.

I urge you today, to investigate this topic more fully for yourself, and see whether or not a fabrication has taken place in the church, which has blinded nearly the entire world; then once you’ve completed your investigation, decide for yourself, whether or not you wish to continue believing this untruth.  The choice is yours.

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