Friday, February 3, 2017

The Unveiling

The book of Revelation, as stated in my last blog is a book for our day and time – 2017. It is a unique book, in that all of the other bible books culminate in it. It is a composite of many of the preceding books, especially the book of Daniel, and others that specifically have to do with end time prophecy.

Each book of the bible is broken up into segments called chapters; within each chapter are smaller segments called verses. Usually a reference of scripture is broken down accordingly: the name of the book (Revelation); chapter number (1), separated by a colon (:), followed by a numbered verse (1). 

Example: Revelation 1:1 refers to the book of Revelation, the first chapter and the very first verse, which actually reads: “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants – things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John…” Although this book deals with a great deal of symbolism, yet there are many things that should be taken at face value. This quotation is an example of that reality.

The book of Revelation is a book about Jesus Christ designed to help the reader better understand who Christ is and how He has been present throughout the entire history of the Bible. So, when we read this verse, it is actually saying that God, the Father, gave to Jesus Christ this message found in the book of Revelation; Christ in turn, gave the message to an angel (messenger), who, in turn gave it to the Apostle John to write down, for others to read. That is what that verse means, in its simplest terms.

Additionally, this book is filled with “sanctuary” language, a language that is unique to the Old Testament and the rituals that surrounded their way of worshipping the Creator God. We shall address that in our next blog.

There are several repeating numbers to be found in this book, for example:
1)   The seven churches = Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira,  Sardis, Philadelphia,  and Laodicea
2)     The seven Spirits = Perfection of the one Holy Spirit
3)     The seven golden candlesticks = The churches
4)     The seven stars = Angels (messengers)
5)     The seven seals = Segments of history at different times
6)    The seven angels = A set of ‘messengers’ who have been assigned to each of the seven churches
7)   The seven trumpets = A repeat and enlargement explanation of the same periods of history
8)    The seven heads = Different kingdoms that would rule during these time periods
9)   The seven last plagues = The punishments to be poured out upon the earth at end of this earth’s period.
10) The seven kings = Rulers of the seven kingdoms mentioned earlier

Other Repeating Numbers:
1)     Four beasts  Four creatures that abide by the throne of God
2)   Four and twenty elders = A special group of saints, who share the throne room with God
3)     Four angels = Angels assigned to the different directions – north, south, east and west
4)   An hundred and forty and four thousand = A symbolic number which represent the saved of the earth, when Jesus returns
5)    The seven angels = These administer the seven last plagues
6)   Third part=A symbolic term that describes the different portions of the earth, God’s people, etc.
7)  Seven heads and ten horns = Identifying characteristics of the seducer/deceiver/ opposer of God

There are so very many aspects to the book of Revelation, but please don’t fear. For every question there is an answer. If you think that you would be interested in studying the book of Revelation, beyond my “Times Series”, simply click on the BIBLE STUDY link.

Please remember this one thing; the book of Revelation is a love story to God’s church. Although there are seven Asian churches named in the book, yet, all represent only one church at seven periods of time, beginning immediately after the Messiah left, until the time in which we live. Each church has particular characteristics that are seen in God’s chosen people – His ONE church, during those seven correlating time periods outlined in history; and although some of the time frames overlap, it still drives home the understanding of history; the progress of the Christian church and God’s intent for the world.

In this series, we shall seek to confine ourselves to the four time periods, as pointed out in Revelation 14:6-11 and Revelation 18:1-4.

Until next time, stay encouraged.

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