Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Earth is Round

The earlier in life each of us learns, psychologically, that the earth is round; the easier life will be for everyone. The reason I say that is, because “What goes around comes back around.” Whatever you do, will be done unto you.

Too often children are made to think that the world revolves around them; that they are the center of the universe; that if they are not happy, it is someone else’s fault – never their own. This is one of the worst things that parents can do with regard to their children. They, too often, will learn, the hard way that the world will not accept this attitude from them.

I have observed, in my many years of living that quite often, when children come from a “well to do” family, meaning a family where a child has never “wanted” for anything that a child tends to become selfish, self-centered and egocentric, far faster than poorer children. Most often, the parents will go to great lengths to cause that child to believe that he/she is “better” than others and that they only should be #1 in life; that losing at anything is beneath them and even if they must cheat or lie to be first, then cheat or lie.

Just the other day, I witnessed an example of someone who falls in the category of a person, who has been reared as someone around whom the world has revolved, for when the world began to respond to him as “not being #1, he began, in every venue, to whine and complain ‘foul’. I’m speaking of none other than our newly elected president of the U.S.A.

I found it interesting to listen to the president’s press secretary complain about how the press was not reporting only the positive things about the new president and how it was discouraging to the president and his staff to hear reporters report truth, contrary to their truth; to compare him to our former president and speak of the challenges that the new president has faced.

Additionally, when called on the carpet for reporting error regarding the inauguration attendance and/or media coverage, and how it exceeded former President Obama’s and all other presidents, they offered “alternative information”, to the press to make it appear true. What kind of thinking is that?

It took a great deal out of me to listen to the whining and complaining, by these people. I thought to myself, “This new president was one of the most disrespectful citizens in America, to our former President Obama. He rose to the height of his political acceptance by disclaiming Barack Obama’s citizenship, and yet, he wishes to complain about the fact that someone does not see him as a ‘savior to America’, or that his inauguration wasn’t a record breaker!” I found it pitifully laughable.

He spent countless hours berating the first and only African American president, when he could have helped so many young Black children feel good about themselves by pointing out how Obama had beaten the odds; but no, he would rather point fingers. Well, it seems that three of those fingers are pointing right at him, and he can’t handle the pressure. He has to have Twitter rages. How infantile!

The press secretary, Spicer also talked about how disheartening it was to hear every day that you can’t do this, or you’ll never accomplish that; and I thought about how African Americans hear that verbiage from society every day of their lives, in one way or another and yet society wonders why there is so much depression, hopelessness and violence in their neighborhoods, and why don’t they accomplish more with their lives?

 I have learned that we need to be very careful how we treat others and how we speak of them. With the same judgment that we judge, said Jesus, we will be judged.

My prayers are for and with our new president. I truly wish him well; however, he has much to learn, psychologically, about the shape of the earth. It appears that he missed that one vital human lesson. I pray that he learns it soon, for America’s sake.

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