Monday, January 2, 2017

Old New Year Superstitions

If you’re anything like the countless millions of people born in the southern part of the United States, you probably cook black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day. My parents used to say that by doing this, you would have money, throughout the year. Having money for many people is not a big deal, but when you’ve been raised poor, it is.

One of the other things that I was taught about New Year’s Day was that, whatever you did on that day, you would be doing it throughout the year, as well; meaning that it would be a prominent activity in your life.

Lastly, I was told that if a dark-skinned Black male was the first visitor at your house on New Year’s Day, it would bring you good luck all year. Consequently, as a young woman and on into my early adulthood, I held on to these old New Year superstitions.

However, if I were to still believe in those things, I would be a sorry little puppy this incoming year. Why? Because the first thing my husband and I did, upon rising and completing our daily morning devotion together, was to go to our local church and clean the entire fellowship hall. We swept and mopped three floors and a hall, cleaned two bathrooms, wiped down over a dozen tables, washed dishes and cleaned the top of a cast iron stove.

The first person to arrive at our house today was a female, followed shortly thereafter, by two young girls (her grandchildren). Dinner consisted of white or navy beans and cornbread, a fresh garden salad, water and a chocolate chip cookie. Hummm! That doesn’t sound like the correct combination for money-gathering or good luck charms.

However, I’ve since learned, in my older years, along with my years of Christian maturity that superstitions are for non-Christians and for those who believe in games of chance; I am neither.

I’ve learned that God is the provider for everything that I have, and that much of that is based on my willingness to be a faithful tithe-returner; I can’t “pay” tithe, because everything already belongs to God, I can only return that portion to Him that He requires, in order to be considered a faithful “returner”.

Consequently, if the way that my day went on New Year’s is a true indication to how the rest of my year will be going, then I’ll arise early each morning; have devotion with my husband; dress and go out exercising; eat healthy nourishing meals, with modest deserts; have my home filled with adults and children, who will in turn, give me countless hours of happiness and entertainment. Hummm! The thought of that doesn’t sound so bad, after all. Perhaps I need to rethink this?

NOT! God is still Supreme – hands down! I pray that your new year will be filled with good food and good friends; also, that your fondest dreams will be realized. J


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