Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Several years ago, when my husband and I were dating, we belonged to a “Cell group”. In this group, which consisted of approximately 8-10 people, depending on who showed up, we took the time to get to know each other more intimately. We took a vow of loyalty to each other, to be supportive in a variety of ways.

Some of these vows included making oneself available during emotionally challenging times; to be spiritually supportive when one felt him or herself drifting from the narrow way; to even be financially helpful, if that was what was called for.

We planned meals together, studied scripture together and made it our business to visit each other in our individual homes. It was an awesome time and a great group. We truly bonded with each other.

However, among the things that we learned in that small group was to put forth the effort to keep our intimate friends at or below 12 contacts. The idea was that, any more close contacts than that would unnecessarily stress the participant and would cause every other friend to suffer in their relationship, with the participant.

Tonight, as I was venting to my husband about feeling soooo tired, because it seemed that every time I looked around, there was someone whom I felt I needed to reach out to, or assist in some way. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. However, sometimes when several days or even weeks have gone by and I have not followed up on someone, whom I believed might need a word of encouragement, prayer or just a home baked loaf of bread, I tended to fret with my failure to “be there”.

Well, tonight I was in one of those fretting moods, and actually began to complain to my husband about being tired (physically, psychologically, and even spiritually in some ways.) He just smiled and reminded me of the cell group to which we used to belong, while we were courting. It seems to have been so long ago that I had forgotten.

Lovingly, he reminded me of all those things I outlined at the beginning of this blog. Then he added, “Honey, you have exceeded your limit a long time ago; how many hundred do you have?” He teased. Then he added, “And you keep adding other people to your circle. I guess you are tired. Perhaps you need to figure out how to make some adjustments.” Then he kissed me on my forehead and returned to what he was doing.

In deep thought, I turned away and headed back to the computer, at which I had been seated for the last 5-6 hours, working on another book.

“Hum”, I thought to myself, as I pulled up a “new document”, to begin my blog; “he has given me an excellent topic for tomorrow. I wonder how many people are suffering from this same type of emotional overload, which sometimes physically drains you? Perhaps I can help them to feel less guilty, about trying “to be all things to all people”, and just concentrate on those who are truly closest to you.”

That was some good advice my sweetie gave me. I really could take some time and show him a little more attention, too. Well, I guess I got my chance.

If you’re guilty as well, let this be a reminder to you, too. Perhaps you need to cut down on your expansion and stay within the guidelines for good relationships.  LOL


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