Friday, January 13, 2017

Earning The Right

There have been several bygone persons, who have “earned the right” to enter our history books; there are several, who have “earned the right” to be quoted as an authority, when documenting a thesis; there are a growing number who have “earned the right” to have their face put on a U.S. postal stamp; but there are only two Americans who have “earned the right” to be celebrated as a “national hero”, and as such have had special days set aside in their honor, ( i.e. holidays): President George Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is no easy task, to have a Federal holiday named in your honor, as you can see, with the decades spanning these two persons. And although the first bill for granting the right to do so, on behalf of Dr. King was proposed only four days after his death, in 1968, by Congressman John Conyers, from Michigan. It took 15 years for it to be signed into law; by a reluctant disinterested president, who thought that he might pick up some votes from the Black community. It was then three more years before it was finally celebrated, in 1986.

However, despite the countless marches and speeches made by Dr. King; his numerous stints in jail for peaceful protests; his incalculable inconveniences separated from his wife and family; his Nobel Peace Prize; his earnest fight for ALL AMERICANS, not just for Black America, yet he has still not “earned the right”, in the eyes of many White Americans, to esteem his legacy and to honor the “National Holiday” named in his honor.

What must an African American/Black person accomplish, in order to “earn the right” for simple dignity and respect from his/her fellowman? And although Dr. King did not make the multitude of sacrifices that he did to curry favor or respect, he darned well, “earned the right” to receive it!

Therefore to those, who so blatantly dishonor that legacy, by disrespecting his holiday by keeping children in school, keeping workers on the job, keeping open businesses that would otherwise close, I say, “Shame on you for setting such a disrespectful example to the rest of the world; and for saying to Black America – ‘YOU DON’T MATTER!”

My heart aches for your ignorance, bigotry and stubbornness. Hopefully, one day you will see that Dr. King was not just promoting the equality that each citizen deserves, but he was also advocating peace, on YOUR behalf; for had he not stuck solidly by his standards of ‘peaceful demonstration’, there would have been more bloodshed among White America, than any of us can imagine.

Therefore, I urge you to first, do some soul searching; then do the right thing on Monday, and attend a parade in his honor, or work with some outreach program in his memory; but by all means, show a little RESPECT! It will make you a better person.

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