Monday, December 26, 2016


Christmas day was a rather “lazy” day for me. The night before, my daughters and I had prepared the main entrée and the potato salad for dinner the next day. Consequently, besides just baking the entrée, making the gravy and vegetable salad, there was nothing more to do. Consequently, my youngest daughter convinced us that we should have a movie afternoon. We had watched our yearly traditional movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart, which she had brought with her, on Christmas Eve. Additionally, she had brought the DVD movie, “Troy” with Brad Pitt.

She had told me that it was an excellent movie, and I figured that it had to be, if she had spent money for it. She is quite the frugal female, lol. Anyway, it was an excellent movie, which pointed out the vast devastation of life that can occur with “poor/bad choices”.

Therefore, after we completed watching the movie, “Troy”, I suggested that we watch another excellent movie, “Carter High”, a story based on the true account of an all-Black high school in Texas, back in 1988-89. This movie promoted many of the same concepts of the previous movie, which dealt with ancient times.

In each plot, there were those to whom opportunity was given to make rational decisions about major changes to take place, not just in individual lives, but decisions, which impacted and toppled an entire nation, and an entire community.

As we discussed the major lessons taught by each film, we concluded that “choice” was the basis for all of life’s outcomes, whether drama, joy, peace, etc. It was choice that determined the outcome for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, when they partook of the “forbidden fruit”, which has resulted in a sin-filled world.

So many people, especially when they are young, seem ignorant of the fact that good choices are the keys to better outcome in their lives. They somehow have come to think that they can imitate the negativity that they observe in the entertainment industry and have their lives result in some fanciful dream world ending.

As I’ve said before, in one of my other blogs, I’ve learned that the outcome you will derive in the future will be based on the input of your choices that you made at the beginning. If I want to have positive outcomes in my life, then I’ve got to make correct choices that will positively impact the results of those choices.

Therefore, I encourage you to do the same and make one of those good choices, the choice to read my blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Take care and we’ll chat more the next time.

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