Friday, October 7, 2016


I don’t know that I’m much of a wordsmith, but I do so enjoy dissecting certain words and seeking for their hidden meanings. Recently, I came across the word “specious” and although I’ve casually read it before in certain writing that I hold dear, this time it loomed out at me. And whereas, in times past, I had lightly passed over it, knowing that it was associated with those things that were false or could be divergent in its base concept, this time it so profoundly struck my attention, until I stopped and looked it up in the dictionary.

Specious: “1) apparently true but actually false; appearing to be true but really false; a specious claim. 2) deceptively attractive; superficially attractive but actually of no real interest or value.” Encarta Dictionary: English (North America).

Humm! It made me think seriously for a moment; because the reading, which contained this word was a Christian one and it was warning the reader to be aware of the devil, who often brings specious claims to our attention; all in an effort to distract our thinking and to turn it toward the mundane, rather than allow us to keep our thoughts placed upon the more essential matters of purity, right, holiness – God!

Therefore, I wondered if I was being distracted by my “activist” thinking, by speaking out against certain things, in my blogs; or even addressing certain topics in such a light and casual manner. I wondered if I had written things that were “superficially attractive but actually of no real…value.” That is by no means my intent. However, if I’ve been guilty, I beg your forgiveness and I’ll rest in the assurance that you’ll forgive me, for you’re reading this blog right now; and I’m going to trust that you will continue to read them.

It is, however, very, very true that there are so many “apparently important topics” that could be covered, but they have no real value to them; they are simply “time wasters”, “time fillers”, “boredom deterrents”. We seek to have a deeper meaning here; a far more relevant voice than one that merely takes up good space on paper or tickles the ear.

Therefore, my life lesson for today is this: Each of us needs to examine our choices in life, more closely. It is easy to run upon the furor of our emotions, when stories of injustice, heartache, outrageousness, and a number of other daily headlines draw our attention via the Internet, Face Book, YouTube and other social media venues that are available to us. There is so much more that actually begs for our attention. Such things as: are there any people with whom I have disagreements or variances, which need to be fixed? Have I told my children or other loved ones, or even my neighbor, how valuable and/or dear to me they are? Am I making earnest efforts to overcome that habit or challenge in my life? Have I made all the proper arrangements for my effects, should I become one of the statistics that I read about? Have I made all things right with my God, so that I might pass away in peace? And the really big one, have I figured out what will happen to me after I die?

These are just “some” of the more serious issues each of us needs to deal with or a regular basis. If we take care of, what some would deem the “small things”, the larger ones, though it may not necessarily appear as though they will, will become far less important in our thinking and there will be greater peace in our lives.

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