Monday, October 24, 2016

Out of Time

Time! What is time? No one can possess it. No one can harness it. No one can make it, erase it, or sell it. No one can claim it as one’s own. It has always existed and will never cease. Yet, we state that it is something we can charge for; fight for; demand of others, especially in a relationship and/or something we think that we can own. But time, like air, has always been around for as long as mankind can remember, and it already has an owner: the creator God, who ordained it. Therefore, it cannot be possessed; it can only be borrowed, used or abused.  We have devised ways of measuring it, but we cannot control it. Therefore, how can run out of it? It’s a euphemism we use, when we have abused the appointed measurement of what we call time.  

The day I began all of the activity surrounding the changing of my furnace filter, I was slated to write my weekly blogs and schedule them for posting. After I finished changing the filter, washing the 155 tiny vents that cover it, vacuuming the floor where too much dust and dirt had fallen, swept the laundry room and straightened some of the shelves, I found myself “out of time”. I had abused the apportioned “alone time”, granted by my husband’s absence, that I might work uninhabited and with abandonment. Now, it was time to turn “my time” and attention to things having to do with him.

I thought of a dear sister, who was desirous of writing her life story. She certainly had lived an adventurous life and there was much to share, but she was letting her attention be diverted by “Samaritan” activity and time was slipping, ever so slowly, away from her. She recently shared with me that household circumstances were causing her to spend more time at home. I chuckled to myself, because I saw her dilemma as one that was offering her opportunity to get her book written; however, that epiphany is hers to discover, not mine to reveal.  

My life lesson for today is this, although time is freely allocated to all, I personally need to apply more diligent application to that measurement of time that has been apportioned to me, by the Creator. Although I can never own it, harness it, dispense it, trade it or buy it; one thing is for sure; I can never ever stop it, and neither can you. Therefore, my plan going forward is to do quickly that which must be done, and close my eyes to all else. Are you in?

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