Sunday, October 16, 2016

How Do I Say Good-bye?

This weekend introduced into my world, a tragedy that will follow me to my grave. My brother, the last one living out of five; the only sibling left out of eight, was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. His prognosis – massive bleeding – a hematoma, which covered more than a full quarter of his brain; non-survivable! My initial reaction was numbness; however, I’d felt it coming for a while. He had been on my mind almost non-stop for the last two weeks; in my gut, I already knew that his time was near, but was I ready to hear this? I’m not sure. He is still breathing on his own, but he won’t wake up! Therefore, the following is a tribute to him from me.

How do I say ‘good-bye’ to one who’s meant so much to me?
Who shared with me the gospel, opened my eyes that I might see.

How do I say ‘good-bye’ to one whom I repeatedly call ‘sound’?
Whose knowledge and personality, made me want to hang around?

How do I say ‘good-bye’ to Ben, who was my very best friend?
When times were hard and no one cared, he stuck by me ‘til the end.

It was he, who walked beside me, when I reached the age for school,
And the one who made certain that I learned the golden rule;

It was he, who chased the bullies, whenever they appeared,
And whenever he would come around, all my enemies feared.

He gave to me, my very first dog, or at least he made me feel;
That Shep was mine and never once, did the ownership not seem real.

We studied the Scriptures together, and he opened to me great things
That I’d never heard, ever before; good news that made me sing!

I followed him ‘round like a shadow, with the time forever past noon,
So that I was always visible, confirming my hope, “Jesus is coming soon”.

We raised our children together, worshipping weekly side by side,
We watched them grow, and let them know, the worst sin is really pride.

Now, I stand at this crossroad without him; soon he’ll depart from this place,
While I’ll be left alone in sorrow, missing his joyful face;

But I pray nevermore to forget him, or lose my hope of the past;
For I know this separation is temporary, and we’ll both be home at last.

One day we’ll meet together, and talk about days long ago,
In a city that’s fair, we will meet over there, and death will be no more.

I love you Bennie! 

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