Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Black Reparations:

I promise that I am NOT seeking to speak for ALL AFRO-AMERICANS (i.e. people of color), as I write these thoughts today. These thoughts are strictly those of the author; any similarities seen or agreed upon by the readers are strictly coincidental; however, appreciated.

By now, many of you may have read the recent article published by Town Hall and written by Matt Vespa - As I read the article, I had to chuckle to myself when I read the possible manner through which reparations might come are listed (and just for the record, I don’t expect any to ever come), however, this is what was said, – “reparations coming in the form of financial payments, debt cancellation, increased opportunities in education, health initiatives, and a formal apology.” Excuse me, right now I have got to stop and hold my sides, I’m laughing so hard regarding this insulting foolishness! This may be old news for some, but in 1705 Virginia law required that when a white servant’s period of indenture was over, a master must provide men with 10 bushels of corn, 30 shillings, and a gun; and women with 15 bushels of corn and 40 shillings. The freed servants were also to be given 50 acres of land. No such provision was made for Blacks. Now, over 150 years later, they suggest that we receive a “formal apology”, as one of the possible reparations. Ridiculous! Bah – Humbug!

According to Vespa, it took a – “group of experts, which includes leading human rights lawyers from around the world” to conclude that the “police officers killing unarmed African American men…has created, in its words, a "human rights crisis" that "must be addressed as a matter of urgency." Wow! The former lynchings; the ‘Jim Crow’; the racial discrimination manifested in the disproportionate numbers seen in the population to incarceration figures constantly released; or in education, housing, jobs, etc., over the years did not make it to their attention. It was only when the “past year's spate of police officers killing unarmed African American men, the panel warned against "impunity for state violence,"…reached their attention. Hummm!

And even though the writer of the article Matt Vespa, thumbs his nose at the UN’s attempt to show concern for this issue, he still gets it ALL WRONG, when he states, “Our values, our Constitution, our belief in the defined system of rights that we felt so deeply as to rebel against to British rule is what keeps us together and makes us Americans—or at least that’s what I thought. Our country was founded on these unalienable rights, not around kings or ethnic groups as other nations in the past. Second, and most importantly, if this is some ridiculous way to foster a racial healing, it’s not going to work. In fact, most likely it will exacerbate the already abysmal race relations we have now. We’re blaming a racial group who had zero stakes in slavery. No white person today is to blame for slavery or racial terrorism. No white person today is responsible for the past actions of their racial group; people they didn’t event know.” I hope that you are noticing – this is a ‘direct quote’ from the article, mistakes and all.

Sorry Matt, I disagree with those sentiments. Racial terrorism and racial bigotry is “taught”. So these people whom you are saying is in no wise responsible for the outcome of what their forefathers did is absolutely nonsense. Many, many, even most of these elitist White people have encouraged and even played a part in moving it along. So, stop and think again. Although, Matt nor I wish to inflame the races (ethnicities – there is only one race – human race), those who have taken a part in fostering the beliefs of their forefathers, do need not only to apologize for their actions and attitudes, but to be among the foremost to change, as far as possible, the fragile racial relations presently existent.  Enough said!

As we turn to today’s life lesson, I’ve learned that it is incumbent upon every man; woman and child, to so live, as to cause others, regardless of their ethnic differences, to feel accepted, loved and respected. This is what Jesus did. He said that “…I am come that ye might have life, and that more abundantly” – John 10:10


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