Monday, September 26, 2016


 If you have been following my blog, you probably remember the story listed as, “One Day at a Time”.  It appeared on September 14th. In that story, I talked about how I had begun a new energy-increasing showering ritual, whereby I would take a shower in water, as hot as I could possibly bear it; then I would rinse off in water, as cold as I could bear. Following that, I would tap myself in the chest 30 times, with a loose fist and briskly dry off. If you haven’t read that blog, you might want to do so; it will better help you appreciate this one.

By the time of this writing, I believe that I’m into perhaps the third month of this ritual. When I first started it, I was showering in slightly warmer water than I usually did. Then as the days and weeks increased, I gradually made the water hotter, and still hotter, until I began moving quickly beneath the pulsating steam of the hot water. In the process of this experiment, I experienced another very interesting life lesson.  

After having increased the heat of the water to a nearly unbearable temperature, I began looking forward to the cold water. After having stood beneath that hot water so long, the joy of showering began to fade, and my shower time began to decrease considerably; (my husband has been happy for this, because I’m using less water, hence a cheaper water bill, lol); but back to the point.

Heretofore, I dreaded the idea of having the cold water wash over me, at the end of my shower. Now I am beginning to look forward to the relief that the cold water brings to my smoldering skin. Truly a transformation has taken place. What I used to dread (the cold water) has now become a sense of solace to me. Instead of dancing beneath the cold hard pellets of chilling water, I am now dancing beneath the near scalding hot water that I thought was more appealing. This experience proves to me that if you do anything long enough, you will get used to it.

In Romans 12:2 , Paul admonishes Christians NOT to be “conformed” to the things of this world, but rather to be “transformed”…, which is an entirely different meaning. When you are conformed, you become like whatever is around you and you begin to act like whatever is the most influential thing in your environment. When you are transformed, you become a completely different person, from what you were.

Paul also tells us that by beholding the glory of the Lord, we too, can be transformed or changed into His likeness II Corinthians 3:18 . That is pretty awesome to me.

God is looking for total transformations in our lives; He doesn’t want us to settle for the mundane conformations, which can sometimes be so unbecoming or ungodly. He only wants the best for us. I’m learning that lesson more fully as I have become a transformed creature in my showering habits. Hallelujah! Now I’m on to the next level of transformation. I encourage you to take the challenge of doing the same.

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