Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Steam on the Mirror

his morning, as I showered, I left open the bathroom door. It is not something that I do often, for sometimes it makes the bathroom chilly. And although it is in my bedroom, still taking that liberty would disturb my husband, if it was late evening. However, my reason for doing it this morning was to avoid hearing the blower fan, which keeps the mirror from fogging. I’m really put off by a foggy mirror, but really didn’t want to hear the fan.

Since I’m usually in a hurry after leaving the shower, I want the mirror to readily reflect my image, so as to make the last part of my preparation to start my day, much easier. Therefore, upon the completion of my shower, I drew back the curtain and the mirror was exactly as desired. Way to go!
I had made a decision and in one simple adjustment to my routine, everything had worked out just fine.  It lead me to consider how I might multiply that success across the board, today; just make an adjustment here and another one there; then wait for the results.

I later concluded that sometimes you just need to avoid the opinions or input of others; it can fog up your thinking. By making an adjustment or wrestling through a problem on your own, toning down the rhetoric of others, by simply not sharing, could do wonders. It is then that you need to seek the quiet of your own thoughts, as you prepare for the day. However, if you leave open the door to your heart, listening for that “still small voice”, instead of the others, your goal can surely be accomplished; and you will be able to see clearly, the reflection of that decision. Additionally, Christ may very well see His reflection manifest more clearly in you, also. All of this will assist you as you prepare for the day that lies before you. Whoo-hoo!


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