Monday, September 5, 2016

Frozen Strawberries

y husband and I really enjoy drinking fruit smoothies. Although we prefer using fresh fruit, it is not always available. As a result, we try to buy fruit in season and freeze it, so that we may have it throughout the winter. Today, I planned to fix one of our favorite smoothies, which called for strawberries. The only ones I had were frozen solid in the freezer. Occasionally, I’ll take the time to run warm water over the bag and then stick them in the blender; other times, when I don’t want to add ice, I’ll just bang the bag on the corner and loosen up the fruit, then take out whatever I wish to use and return the balance to the freezer. Today was one of those days. As I tapped the bag of strawberries the first time, nothing budged, so the second time, I gave it a hard slap against the counter and it loosed just the right amount of berries. 

As I thought about the process of loosening the berries, the thought flashed across my mind, about how God sometimes has to do the same thing for us. Sometimes we’re like the frozen strawberries; we can get so stuck in our own selfish wills, not wishing to move one iota. We formulate ideas and opinions and then dig in our heels, to make sure that we will not be moved. When we are dealing with principles of right, I can see how that could easily happen. However, sometimes it’s just our opinion about a matter and by holding on to it, we can cause harm to our relationships with other human beings. I mean, honestly, is it really that big a deal? Can there not be some type of equitable compromise made? Must you be right, this time; again?

 Because God is a loving God, who cares for each of us, every now and then He might have to allow a set of circumstances to occur in our lives that will break the hardness of our hearts whereby we can loosen our die heart opinions; and His will can ultimately be realized; thus helping us to maintain valuable relationships with others.

Don’t be a frozen strawberry! Think about it. Is it really worth it?

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