Friday, September 16, 2016

Directions Please

oday my husband and I went to a funeral; uggh! I mean no disrespect, it’s just that I’ve been to over a dozen already this year and I’m barely through the first half. Anyway, we had to go to another nearby city. And although I used to live in that city, I was never fully acquainted with the area where we were going. Also, since he is hardly familiar with that city, I must always drive when we go there. Now, you’re probably thinking, with navigator and all of the other GPS apps available, it should not be a problem; right? WRONG!

So we head out to our destination and we arrive early, without any mishaps. We fellowship and reacquaint ourselves with old friends. When it is time to return, I ponder which direction to take on the highway. I knew how to leave this particular location and return to my old residence via the route that I would take, if I still lived in that city, but I had moved. For a moment, I thought about all of the times my daughter and/or my girlfriend would take me from one side of the city to the other and I would ride, without a care in the world, because they always knew exactly where they were going. But, I am miserably directionally challenged. Oh boy, did I long to have one of them in the car right then.

So, with a prayer in my heart – I dared not share this out loud with my husband, who thinks I know almost everything about that city – I’ve got him really fooled, lol; we begin the journey back. As I approach the expressway, I wonder to myself, “Should I go the way that I truly know? Or should I just trust this other direction and finally figure out where it might lead me? We’re in no hurry and should we get lost, we have time to figure it out before it gets dark,” I reason. Driving in the dark is a challenge, too. So, I whisper one last desperate prayer, “Lord, I’m going to try this new way, please be with me and may it be the way that I should go; I don’t want us to be lost.”

I entered the fast moving traffic at a high speed, so as not to slow down any oncoming cars. My eyes sweep across the highway looking for any familiar signs that would indicate that I had made the right choice. My husband sits comfortably beside me, confident of where he is going, because I am behind the wheel. Then I spotted it! The first familiar road sign that indicated I was headed in the right direction. Why I had traveled this road dozens of times before, but never from this entry point. Plus, this direction would cut off at least 15 miles from the other way. Oh the sigh of relief that I felt, which leads me to my life lesson for today.

Never trust your spiritual direction in life to someone else; even if they are headed in the right direction, and you feel that you can trust them explicitly. No one is promised to live forever, which was proven by the event we had just left; additionally, we need to take charge of ourselves. Everyone will have to give an account to God, himself, for how he/she has traveled the road of life. Daily we should choose, what we believe is the right way, even though it might feel unfamiliar. As long as we commit ourselves to God and trust in His leading, praying for the right way, so as not to be lost, He will surely guide us along to safe paths. Psalm 146: 3 admonishes us: “Don’t trust leaders; don’t trust any human beings—there’s no saving help with them!” Common English Bible (CEB) - Copyright © 2011 by Common English Bible

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